Board Members

About Your Iredell Water Corporation Board of Directors - How They Govern

Our 9-member Board of Directors, all of whom are members of the corporation, make policy decisions such as adopting the annual budget, rates, and fees; approving resolutions and ordinances regarding our services, plans, and water regulations; and approving line extensions and future projects.

Board President Ed Bissell Harmony-UG District 2020-2023
Board Vice President Bobby Davidson Fairview District 2019-2022
Board Secretary / Treasurer Lowell Harmon Fairview District 2020-2023
Board Member Wayne Smith Harmony-UG District 2021-2024
Board Member Robert Lackey Cool Spring District 2021-2024
Board Member Franklin Rash Cool Spring District 2020-2023
Board Member Scotty Harris Harmony-UG District 2020-2022
Board Member Eric Patterson Cool Spring District 2020-2022
Board Member Lorne Cook Fairview District 2021-2024

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